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Create Your Perfect Mermaid Tail

GotMermaid is devoted to making exceptional, one of a kind tails which are unique to the clients who dream them up. We always do anything necessary to make sure it is exactly what our client was hoping for. We are never sure how long this process can take but we are always happy to do it, at this time our timing for tail can be anywhere from 6-9 months for heavy designed and intense colorshifting tails. However that can change depending on the season. For this reason, we are so specific about what orders we take. We normally never rush tails, but we can do as such inside a 5-month window and a Rush charge. Please remember the Production time begins the moment we receive our duct tape dummy.

Tail Design and Pricing
We are as of now taking LIMITED tail orders. We have 3 types of tails
Nova Tails: our Hybrid Neoprene/Silicone tails Start at $1,600 (one of our lightest tails to date 10lbs)

Luna Tails: Full Silicone tails start at $1,900 with complimentary colorshifting overlay.

And Our *New* Exclusive
Aurora Tails which Are full silicone include Clear Flukes & and your choice of a set of fins. With exceptional 2, 3, & even sometimes 5 colorshifting pigments (and glow) begins at $2,300

Each tail is handcrafted to your duct tape dummy measurements.
The monofin is built into the tail for superb speed and flow in the water. Tails are designed to your custom design, chosen colors and if you want a little extra sparkle too.

Current Flukes to choose from 6+, or a have a custom Fluke at an additional price

Bubble, Rounded, Shark, Peacock or even custom Scales (included in the pricing).

Tails for the most part weigh between 10-25lb) on land (also depending upon the fins) but are weightless in the water.

*All tails are painted with a custom paint we blend. By and large all extremely Vibrant pearlescent/metallic/Many color shifting tones for an exceptionally gorgeous shimmery look.

*All tails can be utilized in salt, fresh, or chlorinated water. After the deposit is received we will send you information to create your duct tape dummy.

We will give you a quote on your tail and ask for a 25% Deposit, we also have flex payments. We request the Shipping and final payment cost whenever you have gotten photos of your finished tail.

WE ARE CURRENTLY TAKING LIMITED ORDERS. Please email us before any purchase. Gather or make any pictures that will assist us with making your tail, similar to shading ranges, pictures, or reference photographs. Decide if you want any fins and the location. In the event that you don't have a clue about any of this information. We can design a tail without any preparation, only for you. You should simply share your preferences and main color choices, and inspirations. We can design a tail that will accommodate your character. we ask that you share as much detail as possible in your email. At the point when you are prepared, please email Nina at -TeamGotMermaid@Gmail.com