Custom Silicone Tail Line

About Our Custom Silicone Tails!!

⦁ Our tails are made from only 100% Dragon Skin Platinum Cure Silicone. Which are made to be durable and vibrant for years to come!!

⦁ Custom Monofin system is made to hide your heels and still deliver power and flow. Made to your shoe size for both Pool and Ocean use!

⦁ All of our tails are swimmable

⦁ All colors and designs available - just send us your color pallets, reference photos and inspiring designs. * Please Note: Elaborate painting details such as full-body stripes, spots, speckles, or other accents/ markings may be an additional fee, starting at $300+ *

⦁ Fins can be added- Pectoral, Hip, Dorsal, Ankle, Heel etc. can all be customized to your specific design and area of fins. All Flukes are available to choose from. *Custom Fins and Flukes can be created for an additional pricing*

⦁ Custom scale patterns are available!

⦁ Tails are made to your exact measurements.

⦁ Flex Payment plans available! (Email the team for more information: Give 20% Down of quoted price, and pay as you go.)

Our Basic Nova Tail is a great budget friendly option for those looking for a lightweight option or are looking for their first tail thats a step up from fabric tails but not ready for performance tail. Our Nova is a Silicone /Neoprene hybrid tail for swimmable events and photoshoots and more. Still made with our high quality platinum silicone. Available in a variety of colors and Colorshifts. Click here to learn more and/or purchase one of our Nova tails.

Our Luna Line- This is the tail mermaid performers and professionals alike look to have, with all the fins, colors and more, always airbrushed to perfection, these tails are fully customizable to your hearts content, from hypershifts to glowing fins and even some transparent options as well. If you're looking for a vibrant custom dream tail, look no further than our "Luna" line, made to to be Aquarium safe as all of our tails are sealed with a clear layer of silicone to look bright and still be used in Aquariums, tanks and more without hurting our fish friends! Click Here  For more info.