If you have a question that’s not on here, please let us know email us at : TeamGotMermaid.@Gmail.com 

Mermaid Tail FAQ

1. Do you make mermaid tails? and pricing? (in US. Dollars)

-Our Full Silicone "Luna" Tails start at $1,800.

-Our Basic "Nova" Tails start at $1,600

-Kids tails are available starting at $950. (max 11 years old)

For ALL tails, our pricing includes up to 2 blended colors or one colorshifting blended color. Fins are an additional price. Please Note- elaborate and very detailed designs can be done for an additional price- contact us for more information)

Premade Tails: During random times we may offer one or a series of premade tails. Our Premade tails are Brand New and Unused, which are one of a kind products. Pricing for Premade tails starts at around $2,950 and up, as many hours and labor have been put in to this one of a kind tail. The production of these tails are made to be Very limited, especially in sizing, and some tails will have unique characteristics to them (i.e.: unique colorshifting properties, glowing, extra fins etc.) If you want something similar to one of our premade line, contact us to see what can be done without an exact replication

***Please Be Aware* Taxes & fees will be added to final price before actual price quote is given. This Does Not include shipping! If you are an international customer, please check your countries customs and import fees policy PRIOR to making a tail purchase. Customs fees and import taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer.**

2. What about Tail Colors?

In just about any color you dream, we will do our very best to match it. We work with some Vibrant, pearlescent, Metallic and the occasional Colorshifting or Chameleon colors to bring your tail to life. We plan to offer "Glow" tails in the future. If you have a design or color palette in mind, or Custom paints, please email our team at (teamgotmermaid@gmail.com) with up to 4 reference photos and a description of colors your looking for, which will help the team find the correct style. *Please Note* GotMermaid reserve all creative liberty on custom paint designs. The Team will email photographs of base coat during painting and final photos for approval before shipping. Custom paint redesigns may broaden your production window an extra 2 - 4 weeks

3. What is your production time? when will I get the tail I just paid for?

A: Current production time is Estimated from 6-9 months from the time the duct tape dummy is received, Please Understand that these are Minimum Estimated Timeframes. Sometimes it can be faster, sometimes slower due to weather, and other factors out of our control.**Update: Due to Covid delays the current range is 9-12 months for a mermaid tail.** All of Our Tails are a product that is No Refund Payment. Please be 100% sure that you have read everything and Understand that once you click the "I agree" button and begin making payments or Make a full payment, that you have only 48 hours from the first payment to cancel. After that, there are No Refunds After that, there are No Refunds, especially once the tail begins construction as your payment goes directly to materials and labor to construct the tail.

However, you are ensured to get a beautifully crafted tail, during the time frame we are estimating at that current time. **We highly recommend not to book gigs ahead of time, as timelines for tail production are subject to change. Please email for the most accurate and up-to-date production time. We do work very hard to get orders completed as quickly as possible, but this is Art and we are more concerned with making sure you receive the BEST possible and high quality product even if it takes a little longer.**

4. What do you offer when it comes to Fins/Flukes and Scales?

For both our Luna and Nova Tails we can add fins of any type at an additional pricing, along with your choice of any of our existing flukes. Custom fins and flukes can be created please check below for pricing. As for scales, we offer a variety but please contact us for more information.

Extra Fins pricing:

⦁$150.00 Per set of Adorning fins (Hip, Pectoral or Heel)
⦁$250.00 For a full length Standard dorsal fin (double dorsals can be added for additional price contact us first for more information)

- Custom Flukes & Fins:
⦁$250 - For Non- exclusive design (for client use upon request)
⦁$500- For Exclusive design (Not for Client use)

⦁$200- For Any custom set of Hip /Heel or Pectoral fins
⦁$350- Custom Dorsal Fin (Any length/type)

*Please Note*- WE DO NOT copy other tail companies flukes or fins. We aim to create only unique looks and designs.

5. How would I go about ordering a tail?

A: You can contact us through our email at: TeamGotMermaid@gmail.com with up to 4 reference photos, or a color palette and a description of colors you're looking for, which will help the team find the correct style. please again do so before you make a purchase. Depending on the season, Mail volume can be a bit busy at times, so please allow us up to 12 hours for one of our team members to contact you. 

6. Can I design my own tail?

A: Yes, We love when our clients come to us with their hand drawn or digital tails, we can even help create your dream tail as well or make something entirely unique to you. We have Templates for you to print our or download to use for your design Or you can contact us if you need any help designing a tail at : TeamGotMermaid@gmail.com

7. Do you ship to my area/ country?

A: We ship our tails worldwide, from Hawaii to Israel and everywhere in between!! Please remember Final Pricing does NOT include shipping. USA Shipping: Pricing varies per location, and will be calculated once the tail is completed, weighed and ready. All shipping costs must be fully paid before the tail is shipped out.
International Shipping: If you are an international customer, please check your countries customs and import fees policy PRIOR to making a tail purchase. Customs fees and import taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

7-1: Can you Do  Rush?
Yes, for an additional $1,200 we can rush your order if you need to be bumped to the front of the line and shorten your wait time. 

8. Are the materials used skin safe?

A: Yes, 100% skin safe materials, we pride ourselves in using high quality and durable materials. All of our tails are made of Platinum Cure Silicone by Smooth- On.

9. How do I go about paying for a tail? Do you do Payment Plans?
A: Yes actually, We do have payment plans. We use PayPal for all Payments & Payment Plans.

10. Are tails safe to wear in water?
A: Yes they are safe to wear in All types of water both fresh and saltwater .

11. Tell me about the tails?

A: Our tails are made in the highest of standards, each tail is individually scaled and designed with the client in mind from colors to measurements. Fluke and body are made like a second skin to make sure there is no drag at all. A special draining system is put in place to allow water to pass through the body and fluke of the tail. Flukes are made to feel realistic and will have a monofin inside to allow movement. (Please note our tails are not swim aids) Tails are pigmented with a special mix of mermaid dreams, unicorn wishes and sparkles to make the tails extra pretty (but in all seriousness we use a special paint pigment mix which will not rub off the tail, and still remain as vibrant as the day you receive your tail.)

12. What if the tail I bought off doesn't fit? Can I return it?

A: Please make sure you take accurate measurements of yourself to compare to the measurement ranges in the tail you're interested in purchasing as returns are NOT accepted. (Duct tape dummies are recommended for a much more accurate fit)

13. I have questions about your tails but I can't find an email to contact you. Help?

A: We are busy making tails so we don't always have a lot of time to answer emails, but we will do what we can to help. Messages sent to be reviewed and answered in regards to purchasing and all others can be sent to: TeamGotMermaid@Gmail.com.

14. What kind of Monofins are inside of the tails?
A: We currently have a monofinless system in our tails built for comfort and will still propel you through the water without sacrificing realistic movement.

15. How heavy are the tails?

A: Our Professional Silicone Line weighs in at 30 lbs, the *New* Nova line is much lighter and weigh in at 15- 25lbs depending on design and extras.

16. Are these tails durable?

A: Yes! These tails are very durable with reinforced heel, knee and ankle areas to protect from wear and tear during use. *Please try to refrain from standing in your tail, as it will extend the life of it.

17. How do I know for sure if the tail will fit?

A: As long as you follow the directions posted for measuring yourself or creating the duct tape dummy there should be no issues. Please remember the tails should have a firm tight fit (unless you have a specific reason to have it looser). Think of them as a thick pair of tights, with a great stretch and rebound strength.

18. How do I care for my tail?

A: After wearing your tail, rinse it with clean cold water, prop the fluke up so the tail can drain and let dry. Or hang on a tail drying stand. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use. We will send you a tail care package with your tail.

19. Are these tails used?

A: No not at all. Our tails are Made To Order which means when you order a tail it will custom made just for you BRAND NEW!. We will eventually be making some pre-made tails for photo shoots which will be briefly once or twice before being posted for sale to show them off and give the buyer a better idea of what they are purchasing. ALL customer tails will be brand new and first worn by you. 

20: I have damage on my tail, can you repair it?

Send us an email and our team will do what we can to help you fix your tail if minimally damaged, but for some heavier damage you may need to return it and pay a small fee for a more lengthy repair/scale replacement.