Custom Design Luna (Performance Tail) Silicone
Custom Design Luna (Performance Tail) Silicone
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Custom Design Luna (Performance Tail) Silicone

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A realistic tail for Professional Mermaids and enthusiasts alike!!

This purchase is for one of our Full Mermaid tail from our "Luna" Line, with your choice of any of the Fluke Styles available and scales as well. Your Purchase includes All colors and most designs available, and complementary color-shifting/ Hypershift color blended into the tail.

Please send us your designs, contact us --Elaborate painting details such as full-body stripes, spots, speckles, or other accents/ markings may be an additional fee, generally $300+.
 Fins can be added for an additional price.

BEFORE PURCHASING, Email the Team - with up to 4 reference photos, or a color palette and a description of colors you're looking for, which will help the team find the correct style. please again do so before you make a purchase.

All of Our Tails are a product that is No Refund Payment. Please be 100% sure that you have read everything and Understand that once you begin making payments or full payment, that you have only 48 hours from the first payment to cancel. After that, there are No Refunds, especially once the tail begins construction as your payment goes directly to materials and labor to construct the tail.

But despite delays, You are 100% ensured to get a stunning and beautifully crafted tail, during the time frame we are estimating at that current time. (please read our COVID UPDATE, as our time frame has changed to accommodate delays and restrictions.)