Custom Luna Full silicone
Custom Luna Full silicone
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Custom Luna Full silicone

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At GotMermaid, our unwavering dedication lies in the specialized craft of creating exquisite, one-of-a-kind mermaid tails, each as unique as the individual it adorns. With meticulous precision, our team is committed to bringing your mermaid tail dreams to life. 

Tail Design and Pricing:

Our dedicated team takes on a limited number of tail orders to ensure each creation receives the attention it deserves. With an estimated production time of about 24 - 40 weeks (however it varies with the season and can change), Our Amazing Team takes pride in delivering impeccable results.

Here's a breakdown of our pricing and enticing add-ons:

1. Custom Silicone Tail

Starting at $2,500+ (we do have payment plans and flexplay available, contact our team at - for more information) 

-Our Luna tails are meticulously handcrafted from 100% Dragon Skin Platinum Cure Silicone. They are painted, sealed, and clear-coated for utmost durability, featuring realistic feeling, hand-sculpted 3D scales which are individually placed by hand.

2. Additional Fins: customize your mermaid look with Pectoral, Hip, Dorsal, Ankle, Calf, or Heel fins, or custom made fins available at an extra cost.

3. Tail Customization: Your tail is custom-made to fit your exact measurements and includes an integrated monofin for enhanced speed and maneuverability underwater.

4. Scale Designs: Choose from a variety of scale patterns to give your tail a distinct appearance:

   - Bubble Scales: Evokes the playful charm of rising ocean bubbles.

   - Blacktip Scales: Mimics the striking appearance of the blacktip reef shark.

   - Peacock Scales: Captures the iridescent beauty of peacock feathers.

   -Custom Scales: If you have a unique scale pattern in mind, we can bring your vision to life, ensuring your tail is truly one-of-a-kind. (Included in pricing)

5. Weight: Tails typically weigh between 15-30 lbs on land (varies with additional fins) but become virtually weightless in the water.

6. Custom Paint: We use custom-mixed paints, offering vibrant, pearlescent, metallic, and shifting colors for a breathtakingly realistic, shimmery finish. 

**Innovative Features:**

To elevate your mermaid experience, we've introduced cutting-edge features:

   - Drainage System: Integrated within the flukes and body, our drainage system ensures efficient water release, keeping your tail comfortable and streamlined (no suctioning like some other tails).

   - Hidden Heels: Experience added elegance and realism with hidden heels, allowing you to maintain a poised mermaid posture and no bulky heels showing even when you flip your fluke.

-Vibrant Realism: We take pride in crafting tails that not only look beautiful but also exude realism. Our custom-mixed paints offer a spectrum of options, from vibrant rainbow hues to pearlescent, and metallic shades. The result is a lifelike, shimmery appearance that will captivate onlookers 

Versatility: All our tails are designed for use in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water, ensuring you can explore any aquatic realm with confidence.

**General Information:**

For very intricate painting details such as body stripes, spots, or other accents, an additional fee of approximately $300+ may apply.

Discover the magic of owning a Gotmermaid tail—a fusion of artistry and craftsmanship that brings your mermaid fantasies to life. Your journey begins here.